Sunday, November 11, 2018


Rating: 3.5/5

The Grinch Story: 
The city of Whoville loves Christmas, and every year their celebrations get bigger and louder. That doesn’t go down well with The Grinch, who detests the festive season.

The Grinch Review: 
If you’re familiar with the Dr Seuss children’s classic “How the Grinch stole Christmas!” you’ll be familiar with this story as well. How can the Grinch ensure he gets some peace and quiet whereas Whoville celebrates? Why he’s getting to take matters into his own hands, of course! Along with his trusty dog max, the Grinch plans to steal all the decorations and gifts from the whole city in one single night, and toss them off into an abyss. This re-imagining doesn’t deviate too much from the original story but adds some subplots and characters to give it a bit more flavor. Animation wise, Illumination knows precisely how to make their characters visually endearing as evident by everyone’s favorite Minions. They produce a broad canvas by making Whoville large, then filling it with a lot of tiny details and a splash of color that gets you right into the spirit of Christmas. And that’s really what this film is all about.
There is a timely and relevant message on kindness and acceptance that’s firmly rooted in the screenplay. This becomes evident towards the third act and gives the film more to look forward to than merely having a bad guy trying to burst everyone’s happy bubble. Cindy Lou who, voiced by Cameron Sealy plays a vital role in this aspect. Benedict Cumberbatch has a lot of campy fun voicing the Grinch, and he goes all out to embrace the grouchy and crabbed character. There’s a slight menace to his take on this character, however Cumberbatch also adds some heart to the otherwise pessimistic persona, and that’s when the film pulls on your heartstrings just a little bit.

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