Wednesday, November 21, 2018

So Many Stories Around This Short-Film Beauty

Rumours are part and parcel of the film industry, but sometimes multiple rumours coming from many dimensions actually give confused accounts. Here are such things about this short-films actress who has acted in a couple of biggies too.

After appearing as Aadi's lover in Rangasthalam movie, actress Pujitha Ponnada has shot to immense fame. That said, her beautiful looks in many short films on YouTube are already popular for years. Recently a rumour has emerged that she is dating composer Devi Sri Prasad, but there is no proof for that.

There were some inauthentic reports that Pujitha is already married to Youtube actor Arjun Kalyan, in 2014. people who know her say that it's a love marriage.

Whatever it should be, she is acting during a few films like wherever Is Venkatlakshmi et al., and expecting to get massive within the industry. Hope rumours won't refrain her from following her dreams.