Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sarkar Movie Review


Sundar (Vijay), ceo of GL group comes to india to cast his vote in general elections. Everyone is curious to know his plans and he silently goes to polling booth and gets to know that his vote had already been casted by someome. He gets offended by that and decides to fight for his right to vote. He files a petition to cancel the elections. He wins it with the help of his lawyers and stops MLAs from taking oath. Judgement is given to conduct elections again in fifteen days. How he fought those MLAs after that for fair elections forms the rest of the story.
Cast and performance
Vijay as Sundar is superb. He performed well in emotional sequences with excellent intensity and his body language is extra advantage. Keerthi Suresh doesn’t have much to perform but is good in the limited time. Varu Sarath Kumar is terrific in her role. Yogi babu succeeds in generating few laughs. Radha Ravi is nice. Tulasi has done good job. All different actors are new to Telugu and they performed well in their screen time.

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