Sunday, November 4, 2018


Rating: 2.0/5

Santhoshathil Kalavaram film Synopsis: a couple of college friends, who prolong a fun trip to a forest, get trapped there. one among them who possesses supernatural powers help them fight against associate degree evil force that bother them throughout the journey

Santhoshathil Kalavaram film Review: a group of friends, who were school mates once, prolong associate degree adventurous trip to a forest to celebrate one in every of their birthdays. very little did they understand that they need to encounter associate degree spirit throughout their journey. The gang, that contains of boys and women, forms four pairs supported their feeling for every different and ensures all of them have a gala time. As time passed by, they begin sensing the existence of associate degree spirit, except one within the group, who maintains distance from others due to his peculiar behavior. tho' he's often created fun of by others within the group, because the sequences progress, he becomes the savior of the complete gang. His supernatural powers and experience regarding nature, helps the group overcome plenty of hurdles that create threat to them.

A thin plot, that hardly has any engaging sequences, gets relatively higher within the half, only to create things worse towards the tip. The romantic parts of the four pairs, too, don't create any impact. when some extent, we have a tendency to lose interest within the proceedings because the script moves slowly while not a solid purpose. The shoddy CG works, poor flashback sequence and strictly okayish performance rub salt into the wound.

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