Thursday, November 22, 2018

Rajamouli Shocks Pawan, Prabhas Fans

Tollywood Jakkana Rajamouli attained international stardom with his magnum opus Baahubali. Even earlier he earned immense reputation with his films like Vikramarkudu, Magadheera and Eega. many celebrities wish that Rajamouli speaks about them in public function or appreciate their performances. Fans too would love Rajamouli to talk about their stars.

At any given opportunity, fans try to get Rajamouli's opinion about their stars. during his interactions with students recently, they asked Rajamouli to tell about Young Rebel Star Prabhas and Power Star Pawan Kalyan. However, much to the shock of all, Rajamouli refused to say anything about them.

Refusing to praise Pawan and Prabhas, he said, whatever he feels he can tell them in person and not on public platforms. He questioned what way it helps the public if he shares his personal opinion about Prabhas and Pawan with them.

However he said he is a fan of all stars and added that he cast Prabhas in Baahubali because he promised to be on his side and give as many dates as he likes during Chatrapati

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