Friday, November 23, 2018

Pre Release Feelings: 2.0 and Baahubali 2

Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth and top director Shankar's visual spectacle 2.0 is gearing up for release on 29 November across the globe. Given the investments incurred on the project and Shankar's track record in making larger than life films, the movie is compared to Rajamouli's runaway hit Baahubali 2 by the makers of 2.0 and a few cine analysts. It remains to be seen whether 2.0 really lives upto expectations and would really beat Baahubali 2 collections. But then, what are the pre release feelings of common audience on 2.0 and Baahubali 2? Check out the following areas.

* DIRECTORS: Rajamouli has emerged as the only top director of India, who doesn't have failure in his career. In contrast, Shankar's recent offings Nanban and I scored flop and average respectively.

* HEROES: Young Rebel Star Prabhas is no match for Rajinikanth's stardom and seniority by any means. But then, it has been since ages Rajini scored a solid hit. Of course, it was Robo. On the contrary, Prabhas fitted the bill for director dominated Baahubali series films.

* MUSIC: Keeravani's music added fragrance for Baahubali. AR Rahman's westernised compositions are felt monotonous and it gives an abhorrent feel to music lovers.

* SOUL OF THE FILM: Since every character was given priority and each artist lived in their roles, Baahubali was made a true magnum opus at box office. In 2.0, only Rajini, Akshay and Amy's characters appeared to have been given prime importance while other characters mightn't have been given importance.

* GRAPHICS: Though there were innumerable VFX shots and settings in Baahubali series films, audience connected more of the gist rather the graphics. The promos of 2.0 appear like VFX shots were given priority rather the substance of the film.

BOTTOM LINE: All in all, these are just pre release assumptions on 2.0! Post release feelings may surely be changed with director's extraordinary prowess and expertise. There were huge stakes on 2.0 including Telugu states. Let's hope, the film will bring cheers to everyone and all, who connected with the film.

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