Saturday, November 3, 2018

Piglet Padayatra For Adhugo

Director Ravibabu WHO is well-known for his creative scripts came up with another such interesting story during which the protagonist and the lead actor is a piglet. With the title ‘Adhugo’, the director has already created enough buzz among the audience.
The film is gearing up to hit the screens on November 7th and Ravi babu has started the promotions. He has been promoting the film during a unique way. Recently, he did Padayatra from KBR Park to the film chamber with his film unit. He also took the piglet with him. Now, the film unit organised a press meet. Talking at that event, “I thank everybody who did padayatra with me. the reason why we did this is every film has a pre-release event, audio function etc however we don’t have any big stars in our film to do them. we don’t even have the promotional budget as well. With this padyatra, we wanted to create everybody know about our film. Another thing is please stay away from firecrackers because of them we can’t breathe quality air for a month. we already have so many diseases. So, it’s our responsibility to protect our environment. Please watch our film. you'll undoubtedly enjoy it.” said Ravi babu.
Ravi babu himself bankrolled this project under Flying Frogs banner and Suresh babu presented the film. The film is also getting released in different languages also. ‘Adhugo’ goes to be the first ever live action 3D film in Indian History.

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