Sunday, November 4, 2018

Pawan's Comments on Balayya : Self Goal

Political novice Pawan Kalyan has slowly walked into the trap arranged by Chandrababu Naidu. Unaware of TDP's techniques, Pawan Kalyan himself has opened up regarding his "secret-pact" with the BJP. it had been very obvious once Pawan had referred Narendra Modi as Narendra Modi Garu, stressing the "Garu" time and once more.

Well, TDP had never asked Pawan to "abuse" or "disrespect" Modi, however what TDP has been systematically raising is Pawan's "soft" and "uncritical" about BJP and Modi's gross injustice to AP.

By raking in Balakrishna's name and his comments against Modi that happened earlier, Pawan has tried his best to "divert" the total issue, however what Pawan missing is that individuals are much more smarter than him that they might perceive Pawan's unconditional love for Modi.

Given the hostility against Modi in andhra pradesh that was even established by several national surveys that gave Rahul Gandhi a lot of quality than Modi, Pawan appears to possess entirely lost it. His plan to defend his stance on BJP and Modi has entirely backfired. Political analysts predict that Janasena can have a tough time if Pawan continues his love for Modi. unnecessary to mention that his speech on Balayya could be a major self-goal.

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