Sunday, November 4, 2018

Pawan's Careless Attitude In Discussion

Pawan Kalyan Train Tour Response

The other day Power Star Pawan Kalyan, chief of Janasena, went on a train tour from Visakhapatnam to Tuni on Janmabhoomi express. He halted at various places in between and interacted with the people to find out their issues and aspirations. This delighted not only his fans, supporters but also people as they got to see Power Star closely and also interact with him that remained a distant dream till a few years ago.

In the meanwhile, the snaps of Pawan in a train are going viral on social media. While his fans are super excited, those who saw the snaps are finding fault with Pawan Kalyan for his irresponsible and careless attitude.

He was seen standing and sitting close to the door of the compartment. In some snaps, he was seen taking selfies standing at the door. While this may look heroic and macho, everybody knows it's an offence to travel standing next to the door. Folks say seeing Pawan many others may follow the same emulating their hero and this may result in accidents. They say he should have set an example being the leader of a political party.

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