Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pawan All Set To Enter 'Red' Zone

Looks like Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan will bring more trouble for the AP Government with his tour in the Agency areas. Pawan will be starting his bus tour from Rajahmundry to Rampachodavaram in Palle Velugu Bus.

While it is a novel way to reach people, sources in AP Government say that the agency region is witnessing an active Maoist activity. Therefore, the police need to be extra careful to ensure that Pawan is safe. Inside sources say that Pawan, who has been accusing the government continuously, will in fact bring more trouble.

As a fledgling political party, Pawan and his advisors should be aware of the law & order situation as well as the sensitivities in touring these regions. Apparently, the police department and intelligence wing are coordinating to ensure that Pawan is safe in Maoist-prone region.

Let us hope that Pawan notices the government's efforts in protecting him in his bus tour and responds sensibly.