Sunday, November 4, 2018

Now Facebook data of 120 million users stolen, private info of 81,000 users posted on Internet

Facebook told BBC in a statement that its security has not been compromised and the data was sent out to hackers likely by malicious browser extensions

Facebook data of 120 million users, as well as their personal chats, were allegedly compromised and put up available on the internet, BBC Russian Service has reported. The hackers apparently free the private knowledge of about 81,000 of those users. The breach was discovered in September once a user named FBSaler place out an advertisement on an English-language web forum giving access to the information at 10 cents a handle. it's just like the advertisement has since been taken down and now not available.

Facebook told BBC during a statement that its security has not been compromised and therefore the knowledge was sent out to hackers probably by malicious browser extensions. The social media big more that it's taken additional steps to forestall additional accounts from being affected.

“We have contacted browser-makers to make sure that known malicious extensions aren't any longer available to transfer in their stores,” Facebook government Guy Rosen told the location. Rosen failed to specify the name of the browser extension that allegedly sent personal details and personal messages of users back to the hackers.

As per the report, most users whose accounts were compromised ar based mostly in country and Russia, although some are from the united kingdom, US, Brazil and elsewhere furthermore. BBC severally verified with the assistance of cyber-security company Digital Shadows that the compromised knowledge of the 81,000 users enclosed personal messages

The site then contacted the users United Nations agency accounts it had verified who confirmed the private knowledge were theirs. This enclosed chats from totally different users a couple of recent Depeche Mode concert, pictures of a recent vacation, complaints a couple of sons-in-law furthermore as the intimate spoken language between 2 lovers on Facebook.

“Data from an extra 176,000 accounts was conjointly created available, though a number of the data – as well as email addresses and phone numbers – might are scraped from members United Nations agency had not hidden it,” the report reads.

Facebook is below the radiolocation for security-related problems on that platform, once multiple reports of a breach. Last month, the corporate denote a couple of vulnerability in its code that lets folks preview however their profile seems for others. Facebook claimed that 30 million users had their access tokens taken by exploiting 400,000 accounts.

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