Friday, November 9, 2018

Master Stroke: Congress Puts Check To Rebels

Probably, for the first of its kind, Congress party at the highest level has adopted a brilliant political strategy. the top brass of Congress including Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi have called on the ticket aspirants to Delhi and interacted with them. The party's senior leaders held deliberations with the aspirants who weren't being allotted tickets and tried to convert them to work and support the candidates.

This is a good move to put a check to rebels. From many constituencies where there was a dead end over tickets, Congress state leadership has finalized 2 candidates from such constituencies and brought them to city. of these candidates are gift before Gandhis and other senior party leaders. Personally, Sonia told to have appealed the price ticket aspirants to not create any commotion or hurdles during the announcement of the first list of candidates on Nov 10th.

Sonia said to have told the aspirants to support the party's candidates and assured them that party needs them. She said that the future Telangana state election is crucial for Congress and it wants to win the polls. For this, Sonia requested the aspirants to support. Senior leaders also assured them of nominated posts, other important posts when coming back to power.

This kind of exercise by Congress' prime leadership before the polls is said to be 1st time. Congress leaders hope that this would yield good results in the coming election. Party's Telangana incharge Khuntia has announced that the names of 74 candidates are finalized and also the list would be announced on Nov 10. He said out of 119 constituencies, he said that the names for 74 seats is finalized. He also reiterated that the allies are allotted 25 assembly seats.

While TDP got 14 seats, TJS got 8 seats and CPI is given 3 seats. Khuntiya said Congress is considering to allot an additional Assembly seat to allies. Looks like, Sonia and Rahul have come back up with good strategy to put a check to rebels. this would definitely help in avoiding the split of votes

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