Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mahakutami : Everyone is worried now

It is already known that a complete of 4 parties formed a Mahakutami(Mega alliance) in Telangana. while Congress is playing the big brother role, TDP, TJS, and CPM are scraping for the desired number of MLA seats

Congress is willing to contest in as many as 91 constituencies, leaving the remaining 28 seats for other parties.

Meanwhile, TDP was expecting somewhere around 25 MLA seats but they will not be getting those many tickets, given the current scenario within the state politics.

TJS leaders are not willing to bow down as they are expecting 12 MLA tickets but they were promised not more than 8 seats as of now.

On the other hand, CPM, who claim to be one of the driving forces of the Kutami are expecting 8 MLA tickets but they will have to settle down with 2 tickets.

It is being heard that none of the parties in the mega-alliance are happy now. while TJS and CPM are not satisfied with the seat distribution procedure, Congress and TDP are worried that these parties may leave the alliance. If that happens, the split in votes can directly TRS and that is sending jitters down the spines of Congress and TDP leaders.

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