Monday, November 5, 2018



Story: Four good-for-nothing young men get involved in a situation that's out of their control and how they get out of it.

Review: really dangerous Hollywood films like 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' and 'The Disaster Artist' are celebrated today for the amount of off-the-wall and cringe they packed. However, the same cannot be same for 'Kutte Ki Dum', that is such an out of body experience that you won’t know when the film started, once it ended and simply what was playing on your screen for a good 2 hours. A works of dangerous overacting, the film is about 3 slackers who are actually princes yet they scrounge for a quick buck around the village. There are some dangerous men looking to get to the trio and plant a honey-trap in the form of a young, wily girl.

With no credible storyline, a bad editing job and cringe-worthy, woman hater humour (there’s a scene where the guys are ogling at a woman’s undergarments that had to be blurred by the censors), 'Kutte Ki Dum' is an exercise on how to not build a movie. Pranking your friends by recommending this could be a god one to get back at them.

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