Wednesday, November 14, 2018

KCR Is Losing in Telangana : Chandrababu

In TDP's internal meeting, party supremo and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has made politically significant remarks. He has told his party leaders that KCR is losing in Telangana and Mahakutami will come to power. Naidu has reasoned that none of the TRS MLA candidates have people's trust and they hadn't done anything to people when they were in power. Naidu said it is KCR's mistake to give tickets to the same old MLAs and he said that KCR would pay a hefty price for this.

Chandrababu said KCR has secret pact with Narendra Modi and KCR is working for Modi. He said people of Telangana have already realized KCR's secret agreement with Modi. Naidu said that YCP and Janasena in AP and TRS in Telangana are working with Narendra Modi against the sentiments of the Telugu people.

Naidu alleged that YS Jagan had played a crucial role in not increasing the constituencies of the state. He said that Jagan had requested Modi to halt the process and Modi acted accordingly. Chandrababu said that TRS MP Vinod himself confirmed that Modi hasn't increased seats at the bidding of Jagan.

Of all the comments he had made at the party's internal meeting to fellow TDP leaders, Chandrababu openly stating that KCR is losing Telangana has caught all the attention. given that Naidu has a lot of political experience and has pulse of public mood apart from his strong sources including various survey reports and intelligence reports, Naidu stating that KCR will lose in the coming elections in Telangana has a great impact, influence.

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