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Kaashi Story: Devina (debutante Aishwarya Devan) a newspaper journalist from Lucknow falls crazy with Kaashi (Sharman Joshi), a dom (people of a particular caste) from Banaras, but things go awry when Kashi’s sister Ganga goes missing. While the two begin her quest, they realise that there’s a lot of to the current gone woman story than meets the attention.

Kaashi Review: 1st of all, your heart goes out to Sharman Joshi for being a part of something so light-minded. The talented actor is rendered helpless and reduced to being a laughing stock, thanks to poor writing, weak direction and laughable supporting performances.

The script defies logic or even an ounce of chance so it’s amusing to own a court room second half, that’s worse than the beginning. Lawyers and judge trying to make sense of something that’s outrageously freakish and far-fetched — the film ends up as unintentional comedy.

Sharman Joshi  and  Manoj Joshi are maybe the only actors that try to infuse some meaning to this foolish story of deceit, crime and imagination. But even they can’t salvage it.

The dialogues randomly shuttle between Bhojpuri and Mumbai and sound spontaneous (not in a good way). for instance, doctors talk about a reclusive patient by saying, “Pura din chamach ghista hai toh kya Movement of Holy Warriors, kum se kum nonsense mein interact toh nahi karta.”

Also life in Banaras has a dated approach. People residing there should have a bright yellow scooter called ‘Ram Pyaari’ with sparkling decoration to make it look ‘small town’. Characters are overtly stereotypic. A female journalist should drink and flirt with a guy for a ‘story’. A bikau professional person should laugh like a monster to prove that he is a bad guy.

Overall, the film should have been titled, Kaashi in search of a smart story, as there isn’t one here. If you continue to wish to laugh your heart out for the wrong reasons, you can watch this one however Sharman Joshi deserves better so do we! Sadly, even the so called shocking twist is funny. This one’s a mockery of ‘suspense’

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