Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Janasena Thinking 30-40, Janam Predicting 3-4

Pawan Kalyan has left his cinema career at a point where it came to all time high and then ventured himself into full time politics. but tasting success is the toughest thing in politics though he ferociously started Janasena party and touring parts of AP to make it big in the upcoming general election.

What is the mood inside the party?

Some say that Janasena will make a striking debut in 2019 elections. they are confident that the party will sweep big wins in the Godavari region and also North Andhra might favour Pawan Kalyan. in all likelihood, the party people are expecting to claim victory in 30-40 seats in Andhra Pradesh. Also, the party is likely to contest in almost all the places in the state to ensure that these numbers will be achieved easily.

What is public talk?

'Janam' or the public, feel that Pawan Kalyan is still not announcing who is the face of the party at constituency level and that is going to pose a threat to him. because Pawan's image will work only to a certain extent and only if the local leader's face is added to it, the results will be favourable. There are neither district incharges, nor constituency range leaders or fixed MLA ticket getters at any level for Janasena party. With the current setup, the likes of Pawan Kalyan, Nadendla and few others might win, and the tally will be at 3-4 seats, feel common public.

Probably Pawan should recheck what the reality is and what are their predictions like. Otherwise, with elections approaching fast, he might see only mirages in terms of scoring big.

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