Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Delhi's toxic air pollution chokes fauna too

High levels of air pollution can adversely affect the functioning of lungs, trigger asthma and cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations in animals. Air pollution also increases risk of acute cardiovascular events and development of coronary artery disease.

Not only humans, but animals and birds are also falling sick due to horrible levels of air pollution in Delhi. several cases of fauna being affected by the toxic pollution have been reported across city's veterinary hospitals.

"Animals are being admitted to the hospital over symptoms of nausea, repeated vomiting, redness in eyes and slow response," said veterinary experts. Pets below one-year of age and aged animals and birds are at high risk because of their low immunity, say veterinary doctors.

Species such as hound, Labrador, Pug, Bulldog and poodle, etc are diagnosed with problems like running nose, watery eyes, respiratory distress and other health complications.

"We come across at least 10 cases every day, which include symptoms such as redness in eyes, nasal discharge and pneumonia. air pollution is troubling them and this year it's worse. Birds like pigeons and parrots conjointly feel inflammatory sensation in their body, due to that they are unable to fly," said Dr JP Pandey, a veterinary expert at wildlife Rescue.

Nihal Kapasia, a resident of Inderpuri, said that for the past few days his pet dog has not been active like it used to be. "I am noticing abnormal behavior in my pet dog since Oct. it's become unergetic and sleepy post Diwali. I took him to a nearby veterinary hospital for consultation. we are not taking him out of the house in the morning and evening."

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