Friday, November 16, 2018

Chiru Wants To Slow Down, But Charan..

After going through many stories and finding many scripts, finally, Megastar Chiranjeevi's return to films happened only after 3 years of wait. And then, he took time to okay his next film after Khaidi No 150 and coming up with Sye Raa now.

We are hearing an interesting update from the Mega camp regarding the next films of Megastar. Actually, Ram Charan wants his dad to do films with all the leading directors and asking them all to come up with stories. It's Charan who has set the likes of Boyapati and Koratala siva to narrate scripts to his father.

Whatever may be the reasons, when Charan suggested his father to hear scripts from two other big star directors, Chiru is said to have asked him to slow down. He wants to take one film at a moment and will focus on his next only after Sye Raa gets wrapped. they say that age is catching up with Chiru and he doesn't want to stress himself out with too many talks and stories.

Some wonder why Ram Charan himself is not doing films with all those directors but suggesting them to his father. Koratala siva was supposed to work with Charan, but later the film got canceled.

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