Friday, November 9, 2018

Adhugo Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

There will be two criminal gangs who are in an exceedingly|in a very} search of an animal that suits for their needs for animal racing. One day, they notice Bunty (piglet) and decide to abduct him. Around the same time, another 2 big mafia gangs also are looking for Bunty. Did the mafia gangs collide with each other while searching for Bunty? Did anyone of them succeed in catching Bunty? What happens in the end? Forms the rest of the story.
The piglet is definitely the show stealer of this film. The lovable piglet will be seen in almost every scene that is a delight to watch. Abhishek Varma performed well. He gave his best to his role. It’d be better if he tries to improve his dialogue delivery. Nabha Natesh looked beautiful in the film. This was supposed to be her debut film. Though it's her 1st film, the actress delivered a flawless performance and impressed the audience. Poorna has currently become the mascot of Ravi babu and has been appearing in most of his films. She looked gorgeous in the song. Ravi babu also made a special appearance in the film and it's one of the important scenes. The rest of the cast also made their presence felt.

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