Friday, November 23, 2018

3D Visuals, 4D Sound & 6800 Screens To Beat Baahubali

One of the biggest films to hit cinemas after the bonanza given Baahubali couple of years back is none other than Superstar Rajnikanth and Shankar's "2.0" movie. And this film is now going to release on November 29th amidst huge expectations.

Though it's not a challenge for this Robo sequel to beat Baahubali series, the making costs involved in bringing out this film are pushing it seriously to beat that magnum opus. With almost 400 crores investment riding on it, there is no way than to beat Baahubali at the box office, for 2 Point O to push itself into a break-even mode.

Apart from the 3D visuals that are promised at various theatres of 2 Point O, the film will be releasing in 4D sound as well in some theatres. And then, it is releasing in a total of 6800 screens, to make sure that it will mint the whole of its production cost in the first week alone. If we compare screen count, Baahubali 2 was released in 6500 screens across the globe.

In Telugu states alone, now 2 Point O has to score more than 80 crores share to make sure that all the parties involved in distribution will be in safe shores. Though the makers haven't sold the whole of Telugu version, it is being released by NV Prasad, Dil Raju and UV Creations.

With these big names around, there will be no deficit of theatres, but the film's content has to impress audiences to make it big in this unseason

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