Saturday, November 3, 2018

2.0 Trailer: Reloaded Rajinikanth Vs Menacing Akshay Kumar Will Set Your Screens Ablaze

Finally, the manufacturers have disclosed the trailer of 1 of the year's most anticipated film 2.0, and oh boy, it's thus interesting. Directed by Shankar Shanmugam, the over two-minute long trailer is replete with serious usage of VFX, intriguing glimpses that you simply will hardly take your eyes off the screen, we bet. What happens once the technology, that has become AN integral a part of our life-style, becomes our enemy and starts destroying/targeting us? Residents of a town (apparently Chennai) ar shocked and lost since their phones have started disappearing all of a abrupt. Rajinikanth, WHO reprises the role of Dr Vaseegaran, is equally shocked with the happenings within the town. The flying cell phones collecting into a large bird-like figure is terrorising the folks then enters saviour Chitti, reloaded version 2.0. Akshay Kumar as Dr Richards appearance simply alarming. Eventually we have a tendency to come back to understand the rationale behind the the abrupt disappearances of the cellphoenes once Akshay Kumar says: "Cellphone rakhnewala har vyakti hathyata hai." Chitti and Dr Richard's face-off are some things you may not need to miss within the trailer. we have a tendency to additionally get a glimpse of Amy Jackson, WHO is outwardly enjoying the role of a mechanism.

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