Wednesday, October 17, 2018

VV Vinayak Sells VMax To D-Mart

VV Vinayak VMax Is Sold To D-Mart For 35 Cr

It is illustrious that, star director Vv Vinayak owns a multiplex VMax in Vizag. The director has allegedly sold-out the property to DMart cluster for thumping Rs thirty five Crores. the podium are for good closed post Sankranthi. However, the explanation for Vinayak marketing the multiplex isn't illustrious.

VMax was inaugurated in Apr in 2011. and therefore the 1st film that was screened there was trendy star Allu Arjun’s Badrinath directed by Vinayak. Bunny at the side of few others had watched the film within the theater. it had been Vinayak’s father’s dream to have a theater. But, the star director has currently sold-out the property.

On skilled front, Vv Vinayak is reaching to build a movie with Natasimha Balakrishna. C Kalyan is probably going to bankroll the project. His last film Inttelligent with Sai Dharam Tej was a disaster.

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