Friday, October 19, 2018

Varma's New Avatar For NTR

To promote a movie, director Ram Gopal Varma can attend any extent. And this non-believing star has currently turned believer and idolized Lord Balaji nowadays morning. Guess for what. 

Apparently, Varma claimed "This is what NTR did to Pine Tree State for the sake of #LakshmisNTR" whereas sharing an image of him sporting a 'pattu kanduva' and with 'laddu' within the hand, wherever he display at his Tirupathi bungalow nowadays. He visited Tirupathi to perform Pooja for the launch of his new film "Lakshmi's NTR" that happens to be another biopic of legendary NTR. 

While Varma is controversy's favorite kid and likes to produce some kind of storm before every film, this point his tryst with God came as a surprise to several. Earlier usually|this can be} a similar movie maker World Health Organization has often taken potshots varied festivals and Lord Ganapati and still facing cases in Courts over a similar. 

Meanwhile, we've to envision what NTR family or Balakrishna has got to say regarding this film, although lawfully Varma can have a right to form a moving-picture show on the legend as he happens to be a personage.

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