Saturday, October 20, 2018

Train Runs Into Crowd at Burning Ravana Effigy, More than 60 Dead

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In a major train mishap on the Dussehra day, a train saw massive crowds World Health Organization were observance Ravana Dehan in Choura Bazar close to Amritsar of geographical region. per eye-witnesses, individuals had gathered in massive numbers to look at the burning of Ravana image. thanks to massive crowds, many of us stood on near-by railway track and observance the burning of Ravana image. that is once the train had hit them. Since the bats were burning with massive sound, individuals could not hear the train sound. Preliminary report suggests that the incident came about following a stampede throughout the Dussehra celebration.

Police has confirmed that over sixty individuals were dead and around seventy two were severely blistered. Media reports counsel that the tally might be abundant higher. The blistered were hurried to near  hospital. though police personnel were deployed to avoid any untoward incident, they same to own didn't management the crowds World Health Organization were gathered to check Rahana Dehan. On-lookers say the police personnel have neither warned the gang to not stand on railway track nor they need au courant the near-by railway crossing.

As per reports, the dead bodies were scattered and blood flown on the railway track thanks to the impact of the collision. However, a lot of details area unit hoped-for.

'It would be wrong to mention that Railways is accountable for this accident. There area unit 2 manned level-crossing on it track, each were shut. it's a route. there's no speed restriction there' same Ashwani Lohani, Chairman Railway Board.

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