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The Villain has the formulaic elements that one expects in Prem's films, but are they in the right measure is questionable.

The Villain Plot: avatar or Ravana, whose ideologies work better? 2 shrewd minds battle it enter a practice game. WHO can win?

The Villain Review: Prem had everyone's expectations up once he got a casting coup with Shivarajkumar and Sudeep in one film. The Villain shows however he had to tread fastidiously since he had 2 superstars and their fan bases to cater to. The film has enough songs, dialogues, fights and crust to confirm each the fan teams area unit appeased. But, is that the narrative treading on skinny ice?

The story begins on a rather dramatic note that deals with some that incorporates a husband WHO is thought to play Ravana on screen, his pious Rama-worshipping married woman and their son, WHO is confused whose ideologies work higher. the limited son is told that in today's world on has to not simply have Rama's discipline and dedication however conjointly Ravana's considerateness. This sets the tone for the film. the 2 lead characters area unit varied. whereas Shivarajkumar's Ram incorporates a heart governing him, whereas Sudeep's Ram is cerebral and impressive on the far side reason. What happens once the ways of those 2 cross?

The Villain isn't the in suspense heroic tale. Instead, it's as the industrial film that desires action, comedy, romance and plenty of songs. it's 3 hours long and one will question whether or not this long screen time was needed. the 2 lead actors have fascinating mannerisms and provides their fans a great deal of moments to whistle. Though, one may find yourself feeling underwhelmed by the tip of the 3 hours. Given the scope and also the canvas, one might need expected a lot of, however there area unit several scenes that leaves one feeling shortchanged.

The film has some commendable moments. Shivarajkumar's song with six heroines could be a treat. In one scene that's imagined to be in state, there's a Kannada board voice communication Ranatunga Tea Stall, that will get a couple of giggles. little moments like these area unit commendable. The mother sentiment that Prem is thought for is found aplenty within the film. One may question Amy Jackson's casting as she looks uneasy in a very few scenes, however Rakshitha Prem's soundtrack will add some emotional believability to her performance.

The Villain has the conventional components that one expects in Prem's films, however live} they within the right measure is questionable. Though, for fans of the 2 superstars and also the director, there's enough to cheer concerning within the film.

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