Wednesday, October 10, 2018

That Is Mahalakshmi

Release :19 oct 2018.

That Is Mahalakshmi is associate degree Telugu show comedy drama show driected by Prasanth Varma. The show has Tamanna Bhatia within the lead role.

The show is that the remake of Kangana Ranaut starrer Bollywood critically acclaimed 'Queen'.


That Is Mahalakshmi show is a couple of small-town Indian woman, United Nations agency decides to travel on her honeymoon alone.

Tamanna could be a twenty four year recent woman staying in Hyderabad. She is from a awfully conservative family; her brother escorts her everyplace for her safety.

It’s once her wedding gets known as off as a result of her betrothed gets killed in a very automobile accident, Tamanna gets the largest shock of her life and is completely confused. however rather than crying or wailful concerning her current scenario, she decides to maneuver on.

She goes for her honeymoon alone. The film focuses on Tamanna growing up as a personal, and her journey of rediscovering her own identity whereas on her honeymoon alone.

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