Thursday, October 4, 2018


Telegram in its response to reports regarding security vulnerability on its desktop shopper confirmed that the flaw has been mounted and comes on in its latest message for Desktop v1.4.0 update.

The vulnerability was initial supported by a Mumbai-based investigator Dhiraj Mishra. The vulnerability was consistent in Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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According to Mishra, throughout voice calls, the information science addresses of the user would seem. in addition, the information science address of individuals was additionally noticed  for long hours in Telegram's server logs and that they weren't encrypted.

Revealing a user's information science address not solely puts a user's web activity in danger, however it will reveal plenty a couple of user's browsing history, choices, and preferences regarding their personal lives.

Since the information science address was visible solely whereas creating voice calls through a peer-to-peer association that a user's information science address is required. in step with message, in its mobile app, it had given users the choice to change off the peer-to-peer decision perform and build voice calls via the message server, however constant possibility wasn't accessible on its desktop app.

Telegram in its response aforesaid, "Telegram Desktop, that is employed in but zero.01 p.c of message calls, was the sole platform wherever this setting was missing. because of a investigator WHO pointed that out, we have a tendency to created the message Desktop expertise in keeping with the remainder of our apps."

Telegram app is thought to be one among the safest modes of communication, at a time once already there's such a lot threat to user information privacy, however, like flaw creates associate iota of doubt whether or not our personal user information is so safe.

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