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Story: Karan is associate honest and valorous cop on a mission to fight against criminals, and to scale back the rate within the town. The film is concerning his mentor Vikram Rana, UN agency could be a police suspect and additionally the kingpin of the city’s crime corporate trust, concerning that Karan isn't aware. Karan investigates a series of wierd occurrences within the town, as well as the murder of Jaydev Rana (Vikram Rana’s son). The deeper he digs into the clues, the additional complicated it gets. everybody he trusts looks to be concerned and also the investigation yields no results. In his seek the reality, he's joined by press newsperson Hindu deity and sub-inspector Jahangir Khan.
Review: whereas it's like associate exciting package, that of associate action-packed crime heroic tale (thanks to its neatly done trailer), Suryansh doesn’t quite live up to the expectations. the first reason behind that's the slow pace, however another downside is its certain plot line, that could be a massive ‘no’ for any heroic tale. The immoderate show of sponsoring brands doesn’t facilitate abundant either. However, credit is because of the director pair of Kamal Patel associated Sachin Desai for creating an endeavor to eat an action-thriller in D-Town. Sachin Desai as DOP has been extraordinary however on the edit front, he fails to place up a crisp picture show. Kamal Patel has place up nice production values, whereas the dialogues-screenplay by Chintan Pandya area unit tight. we have a tendency to love the music, significantly the 2 songs ‘Mahuva’ and ‘Donkey Monkey Duck’. Even the title track ‘Hoon Suryansh Chhu’ goes well with the title and finish credits.
Coming to the performances, Freddy Daruwala is good within the action sequences (although, the picture show doesn’t have too several action sequences) and each he and debutant Heena Achhra work a exciting onscreen jodi. Mehul Buch is seen in associate altogether totally different avatar as Vikram Rana, and he appearance powerful and adds energy to each scene he takes up. we have a tendency to cherished the performances of Alpana Buch, Jay Bhatt, Prashant Barot and Vikee Shah. Ashish Kakkad and Nimrit Vaishnav donned the gray shades with easy ease.
In a shell, this one’s is a median, drawn-out masala picture show with a certain story.

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