Thursday, October 4, 2018

Sri Reddy’s Controversial Comments On Rajendra Prasad

Sri Reddy is continually creating a buzz on the social media and is exploit nobody for gaining the eye and message. the newest is that she has created some sensational comments on the senior actor Rajendra Prasad and it's utterly sudden.
Sri Reddy spread out on the senior actor oral communication that he's a mentally sufferer and he or she conjointly gave a warning to the actor through her Facebook post.
Sri Reddy took to her Facebook wall and wrote, “Mr.rajendra prasad mentally sufferer..please take part some mental home at once..i know there's no respect on lady in your lexicon ..wl offer clear image terribly presently regarding u sir..”

The post opened to plenty of negativity on Sri Reddy solely as individuals square measure bored with hearing her false, groundless and time-pass allegations on the film personalities. Hope she realizes her mistake and ends it here.

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