Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Rating: 1.5/5

tale: Bulbul (Pavitradhara) is a bubbly, filmy youngster pursuing archery and vying to represent India in Olympics. however, when she is married off at an early age, her happy-pass-fortunate life goes for a toss.
evaluation: Door door tak kuch nazar nahi aa raha, seems to be the fave line of the protagonist Bulbul, in the film. And the same line holds actual for the complete film as properly.
Bulbul's story, which starts offevolved off with her love for movies and archery, takes too many turns and it will become tough for the viewer to figure where it's far headed exactly. whilst the movie starts offevolved, it focuses on a small-metropolis female's struggle to make it to the Olympics. but then she is married off into a wealthy circle of relatives and she or he realises that she has been tricked into marrying an impotent guy.
For her, the palatial house appears like a jail with numerous restrictions that are there to ‘uphold the own family’s honour’. In midst of all this, she is introduced to a police officer named greater, for a rather short time, who ends up turning into a great friend of hers. Then, her brother, ‘ashamed’ of her behaviour, tries to kill her. but she is saved via a Canadian cop, journeying India, who takes her lower back home with him. in the long run, the duo ends up getting married.
Sopaskar is an example of how a movie can be flawed on a couple of fronts. right from lack of a right story to the robot performances with the aid of all of the actors, there is not anything to look forward to in this movie. you may provide this one a miss.

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