Tuesday, October 16, 2018


   Rating: 2.5/5

story: Aniket (Subodh Bhave) is in love with Rucha (Shruti Marathe), however he is in opposition to the concept of marriage. With a wish ofochanging his stand, Rucha hints him into attending her cousin’s wedding ceremony.
evaluation: Shubh Lagna Savadhan stocks quite some similarities with Hum Aapke Hai Koun, specially when it comes to the circle of relatives drama inside the movie. but, the storyline is extra relatable to the modern-day situation.
Aniket and Rucha are settled in Dubai. in view that Aniket is against marriage and Rucha wants to get married, she takes him to attend her cousin Ira’s (Rewati Limaye) wedding in Igatpuri, India. The events that unfold at some stage in this vacation spot wedding for the crux of the film.
The basic concept will strike a chord with youngsters who have a similar thought technique or are careworn about getting married. but director Sameer Surve fails to flesh it out as a story and isn’t capable of weave it right into a coherent film, in particular due to the fact the movie gets caught up in focussing on the wedding ceremonies extra than anything else. Had the director focussed on the characters and their sweet but complicated relationships, the film should’ve been a higher watch.
a few scenes have been stretched unnecessarily and the similarities this movie attracts from the HAHK makes it predictable.
As for the performances, Subodh and Shruti have a fantastic chemistry and the high points of the movie are in scenes providing the duo. the other pair, Ira and Rohan (Pratik Deshmukh), have a comparatively less display screen time. whilst Rewati is all right, Pratik, no matter honest efforts, fails to make a mark.
To make an entertainer regarding an Indian wedding is a difficult project. too much drama could make you bored and too less of it will do the same. it is essential to set up a balance and Shubh Lagna Savadhan struggles with that.
Having said that, this film is a fairly all right look ahead to people who like family dramas. Others ought to consider giving it a miss.

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