Thursday, October 4, 2018

Rana Daggubati to help aspiring filmmakers, writers

Actor Rana Daggubati can mentor a team which will facilitate aspiring filmmakers and writers develop their ideas into practicable scripts that may be taken to producers and actors.

KWAN recreation has joined hands with Rana's Suresh Productions to introduce a specialised division KWAN South as Associate in Nursing recreation marketplace with a regional focus.

KWAN South has place along the Literature team or the LIT team whose sole purpose is to come up with the simplest content and to assist sensible content realize its audience.

Rana can mentor the team and overlook the whole method of taking the correct stories, to the correct place at the correct time.

"With the LIT team, we wish to alter the means content is perceived, created and treated. we'd need to coach additional filmmakers and writers and facilitate them get their work to the audience," Rana, conjointly a man of affairs and partner - KWAN South, same in an exceedingly statement.

"With a begin of ten members within the LIT team, we'd hope to coach additional writers and convey consultants from varied fields to mentor them. we tend to pitch these stories to production homes and administrators, facilitate them set it up and package it," he added.

Anirban Das rhetoric, decision maker at Kwan recreation, same Indian viewers square measure currently gratification additional in content-centric scripts. "KWAN South has unambiguously placed to exploit this chance with the appearance of the LIT Team.

"The plan is to market new talent and push original content in an exceedingly refined type. we'd facilitate our talent effectively to legalise their work on varied digital platforms."

While commenting on being on board with the KWAN South LIT team and collaborating with the writers, director Tharun Bhascker said: "I talked to the literature team concerning story structure. i feel it's a good chance for administrators like United States of America to decide on completely different genres that otherwise we tend to cannot do after we have an in depth knit writers' team as a result of therein state of affairs we will not be inventive with our decisions.

"So KWAN is bridging the gap between administrators and writers and it's the foremost vital issue as a result of as a movie trade, i feel we tend to square measure lacking sensible writers."

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