Friday, October 12, 2018

Rafale deal row: Sambit Patra accuses Rahul Gandhi of playing with national security, calls Gandhi family 'corrupt'

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Soon when Rahul Gandhi demanded Associate in Nursing investigation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi relating to his role within the Rafale deal and referred to as him a "corrupt man", the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) suspect the Congress president of "lying" and same that the whole Gandhi family is "corrupt."

Addressing a group discussion, BJP proponent Sambit Patra asked Rahul the rationale for not approaching the Supreme Court if he claims to own all documents to prove corruption. bearing on Rahul's statement that even former French president has same that the Prime Minister of Asian nation is corrupt, Patra challenged the Congress chief to provide an announcement wherever Francois Hollande has claimed therefore.
Patra suspect the Congress leader of "lying through his teeth shamelessly" in incorrectly quoting the previous French president.

Quoting Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa as spoken communication that the Rafale deal would be a "game-changer", Patra same that Rahul is spoken communication the precise opposite. He asked to country to determine if they need to believe Rahul or Dhanoa, whereas accusive the Congress chief of fidgeting with national security.

He additional same that Rahul explicit  within the Parliament that there's no secrecy clause between the countries but, the French government issued an announcement moments later refuting his claims. throughout the controversy on the no-confidence motion, Rahul had same that French president Emmanuel diacritic had clearly sent to him that there was no drawback in sharing details concerning the Rafale deal.
However, in a political candidate statement, France same, "France and Asian nation ended in 2008 a security agreement, that de jure binds the 2 States to guard the classified info provided by the partner, that would impact security and operational capabilities of the defence instrumentation of Asian nation or France."

The BJP leader additional same the Supreme Court has additionally fired a PIL (public interest litigation) that had questioned the aircraft's value and wanted the deal off. The Congress-led UPA government had jeopardised the country's defence because the squadron strength of the Air Force fell to thirty one from forty four, he alleged.

Rahul Gandhi's in-law Henry M. Robert Vadra failed to get his share within the Rafale deal and so the UPA government off it, he claimed.
Rahul had on Thursday same Rafale deal is 'clear-cut' case of corruption whereas reiterating his earlier statement regarding Reliance Defence being deliberately chosen by the govt because the Offset partner for the deal.
Dassault Aviation, the corporate producing the craft had issued an announcement instructive  on the accord with the Indian government, reiterating that it "freely selected to partner with Reliance Group".

Modi came to power on the promise of fighting corruption, the Congress leader same, adding that he wished to inform the youth of the country that the prime minister was concerned in corruption.

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