Friday, October 19, 2018

Poor Tamanna Gets No Director!

Finally, the abundant anticipated remake has seen light-weight with the primary look poster being discharged these days. It's none apart from Kangana Ranaut's "Queen" that is being remade altogether the south languages with completely different heroines.

Today Telugu version "That Is Mahalakshmi" and Tamil version "Paris Paris" have seen their 1st appearance touching the tinsel city. whereas Tamanna isn't thus convincing as Mahal Hindu deity, Kajal's Paris Paris poster is placing smart. however here is another necessary issue that's shocking everybody. 

While Kajal's Paris Paris has the tagline 'Directed by Ramesh Arvind' on its poster, there's no mentioning of the director's name on Tamanna's poster. whereas 1/2 the Telugu remake of Queen is directed by Neelakanta, spouse is handled by Prashanth Varma of Awe! fame. curiously each the administrators don't' need their name on the posters for various reasons. 

Though Prashanth directed the film to the wrap, he does not to be mentioned because the director of this remake. and so Neelakanta got disassociated from the pic and wish his name solely on the South Dravidian version. Finally, of these choices created poor Tamanna having no name of the director on the posters.

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