Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Police case on Actress Revathi

Long time past, senior histrion Revathi shared associate expertise of a minor woman throughout the shooting of a movie. when her narration of the incident, many folks had criticized her silence for concealment the main points of these years.

A person named Siaj Jamas filed a police criticism on Revathy that she has hidden the name of the histrion World Health Organization was physically maltreated that night. He value-added that the Police ought to investigate a lot of and determine this histrion. Revathi processed that the incident she mentioned happened twenty five or twenty six years back and not in recent years. The ‘Ratri‘ histrion created it clear that the woman, World Health Organization sought-after her facilitate that night wasn't sexually or physically maltreated. She expressed that a 17-year-old woman had knocked at her doors, pleading to avoid wasting her throughout the shooting of a film. “On that night, at around eleven.30 pm, a 17-year-old woman, whose identity I don't need to disclose, came running to my space and knocked on my door,” same Revathy and expressed that she opened the door and allowed her in.
That night she and her gran and therefore the minor stayed within the space lockup the door. “No sexual or physical assault really happened.” processed that histrion and value-added that the incident forever troubled her of these years.

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