Sunday, October 7, 2018

One More News Channel for Pawan

Pawan Kalyan to Get One More News Channel

It is a celebrated issue that each the ruling TDP and YSRCP have gotten print and electronic media with them. The media of each the parties broadcast mud throw programmes against their rival parties. 

In what might be aforesaid Associate in Nursing common divisor here is that each the media teams don't would like the other party would emerge because the third force in AP state. consequently, all media homes started targeting Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Janasena. 

Having accomplished the importance of media, Pawan Kalyan has given nod to a number of the party's sympathisers to to won media homes. As we know, ninety nine channel is already operating for Janasena whereas Andhra Prabha newspaper is additionally giving a good coverage of Janasena's activities. 

If the reports ar something to travel by Associate in Nursing NRI, World Health Organization has been the staunch supporter of Janasena, needs to launch a news channel for Janasena. If everything gets materialised, the check signal of the channel can get kick started from Dasara. Let's expect additional developments Janasena media homes.

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