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 Rating: 3.0/5

NOTA Story: A reckless party-goer Varun is suddenly created Chief Minister once his father resigns facing corruption charges. With zero political expertise or inclination to require up the task, Varun is asked to be a dummy CM till his father is cleared of all charges. Things do not consistent with arrange, and Varun shortly realises that he is cursed  the CM's chair for extended than he thought he would be.

NOTA Review: Young show stars taking part in chief ministers appear to be the flavour of the season. Mahesh man contend CM India this Summer in Koratala Siva's India 1 Nenu. This time, Anand sitar player introduces United States to CM Varun in NOTA. Like India, he too is suddenly thrust into politics and created CM nightlong. He too is reluctant, and once pushed against the wall, he delivers. And yet, NOTA is nothing like India 1 Nenu. Here, the CM plays the political game - it deals with internal party politics, MLAs WHO area unit nothing however affirmative men with zero body skills and resort politics. NOTA, despite its obvious loopholes, is an attractive adventure story that keeps you hooked all over 149-minute runtime.

Varun (Vijay Deverakonda) is caught drinking and driving within the middle of the night whereas celebrating his birthday together with his friends. rather than stunning him, the police inform him that he's on the point of become the state's new chief minister. This fast state of affairs arises once his father and CM Vasudev (Nasser) resigns as chief minister whereas facing corruption charges. Varun is asked to be a dummy CM for 2 weeks, till the court clears him of all charges. And hence, this game obsessed party-goer becomes the CM. he is created to tie the G-string, goes hungover to the Governor's workplace for his swearing-in, avoids press conferences and signs official documents whereas taking part in games reception. And yet, at a time of crisis, Varun does not need to take a seat on the sidelines as a dummy. power-assisted by Mahindra (Satyaraj), he takes management and shakes up the political situation.

NOTA's strengths area unit beyond question its political scenes. the inner squabbles inside politicians and also the mind games between parties area unit shown superbly. NOTA's depiction of politicians bowing down before their leader and sitting in positions of power with none information, is spot on. there is a telling scene once CM Varun asks for a room to be setup to tackle the flood-like state of affairs within the state. The uninformed MLAs keep speculative to themselves 'Vaaru veeru area enti? Evari area' (whose room area unit they talking about?). Another MLA refuses to send relief material to affected villages while not a celebration sticker thereon - "The individuals ought to understand who's doing the work, right?" he quips.

While the political mind games work, the film usually deviates from its basic plot and isn't perpetually convincing. as an example, the track that includes Varun's hacker friend Wong (Priyadarshi) WHO tries to uncover cash from shell corporations in Panama, is much from convincing. The track involving Associate in Nursing evil Godman or Satyaraj's romance within the past, looks supererogatory. Varun's relationship together with his father is very sophisticated, however the director does not shed a lot of light-weight thereon.

We've gotten accustomed looking Vijay Deverakonda play the irresponsible  minor, WHO drinks and parties all the time, speaks impolite language and refuses to require responsibility for his actions. Film once film, we've see him play this character - and however, somehow it looks to figure. Vijay is in his part because the irresponsible  loafer, however once he takes management as CM, his skillfulness as Associate in Nursing actor involves the fore. NOTA marks another unforgettable performance for this young actor, who's rising as a force to reckon with.

Seasoned actors like Nasser and Sathyaraj area unit ever dependable, whereas Mehreen does not get a lot of scope to a shine in an exceedingly poorly carved  role of a journalist.

NOTA might not be your unexceptional political drama, however it's fascinating and keeps you pleased. simply after you begin to expect a predictable , dummy CM transforms into Rowdy CM - and that is once the magic happens.

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