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Rating : 3.0/5


The film touches upon many, at times completely unrelated subjects - how schools stifle the creativity of children, how hartals often cost lives, how meaningless fights in the name of politics and religion are, and also the basic nature of human being

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Story: and One student Arun is taken into account a loser in class however once it involves a state of affairs which needs humanity, he emerges because the winner

Review: Nonsense would seem sort of a highschool romcom from the posters however it's something however that. The title cards counsel a new-age film with lively music and visuals however it is not that either. the complete film is about during a village and therefore the characters except those within the varsity square measure all villagers. Why do some characters look and sound urban once the setting is such atiny low village? Is it south or north Kerala; why do the slangs contradict every other? is that the protagonist wealthy or poor? of these stay queries, however none of them matter at the tip. as a result of Nonsense is AN vastly watchable film, created by a director with promise (MC Jithin, WHO identifies himself as megacycle within the titles), with dialogues by a author with AN impeccable sense of humour. actually it is thought of AN example of however a movie is created fascinating and recent while not a star line-up. 

Arun (newcomer Rinosh George), apparently AN orphan, lives during a world along with his own theories of physics, and dreams of being a BMX (bicycle motorcross) whiz. he's faraway from being a bad hat however gets picked on in school for any price and everything. To such AN extent that his teacher's female offspring thinks his terribly name is 'Nonsense'. The film follows the story of principally one college day in Arun's life, a nasty one at that, once a hartal is declared by hour. Arun WHO is already in bother with lecturers finds himself during a state of affairs wherever the teacher's female offspring gets hit by a careless driver. The benefactor in him arises and Arun takes on the task of saving the lifetime of the kid, within the absence of her folks. He seeks the assistance of a reluctant machine driver (Vinay Forrt) and each begin a roller-coaster ride, literally, in search of A negative blood for the kid, on the hartal day.

The film touches upon several, sometimes utterly unrelated subjects - however faculties stifle the power of youngsters, however hartals usually price lives, however hollow fights within the name of politics and faith square measure, and conjointly the fundamental nature of kith and kin. Party staff WHO flip violent on hartal square measure shown as native goondas WHO double up as ethical police. 

BMX as a sport is additionally promoted, however it somehow does not appear to suit into the otherwise rural life.

While Rinosh St. George presents a fairly smart performance, Vinay Forrt is wonderful, thus is Shajohn, in yet one more of his formidable avatars, this point as a unpitying college teacher. Shruti Ramachandran because the strict teacher, Lalu Alex as a doctor all have little however unforgettable roles. The upbeat music and amazing visuals of the BMX stunts be special mention.The episodes in class square measure fun and relatable, and apart from being informative sometimes, Nonsense is definitely a winner, void of the standard cliches Malayalam films square measure ridden with.

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