Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Monthly Salary To Actress For Leaving Hyd?

One of those controversial  actresses of Tollywood has become a subject of debate once more. this is due to the rumors regarding her silence.
While she started throwing crap at several biggies and part-time actors still, all that went mute from a minute. the largest twist is that she go out of the city, living as a citizen elsewhere, however often creating some not-so-serious ramblings. Well, what may have muted her this way? 

Some say that she got a dire warning from a high notch political honcho WHO is kind of active on social media. however AN insider expressed that she is obtaining paid a monthly wage by some biggies for leaving Hyderabad city and staying calm. and she or he is said to have reopened her previous business too. 

Recently once some NRIs asked her if she is coming back to the USA anytime presently, she declared that Singapore and Hongkong are easy destinations for her currently rather coming back to the US. Well, that is a spicy story of the many dimensions.

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