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The film declares solidarity to the sidelined sections of the society and shouts out loud that they are also human beings.

Manusangada flick Synopsis: a young person encompasses a powerful time finding a burial site for his father because the higher caste men in his village deny public graveyard to the lower caste individuals.

Manusangada flick Review: Manusangada begins with a well-liked quote of former South African president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – “To deny individuals their human rights is to challenge their terribly humanity”. Quite apt to the present spoken language, the flick deals concerning the caste politics prevailing in an exceedingly village and also the blatant human rights violation dole out to a family.

Kolappan (Rajeev Anand), World Health Organization works in an exceedingly manufactory in city, gets a decision from his friend early within the morning, informing that his father has gave up the ghost. Upon reaching his home, wherever he meets his grieving expensive ones, as well as his mother, he's told that his father’s body can’t be taken through the general public road to the graveyard – as a result of they belong to the lower caste! Revathy (Sheela), Kolappan’s girlfriend, a town woman, wonders if such practices still exist in villages, to that the latter shoots back, ‘Did you expect individuals celebrate their lives along in villages?’

Kolappan, with the assistance of his friends and relations, decides to revolt against the injustice. The leader of the marginalised individuals within the village asks him to require up the matter wrongfully, and he gets justice before long. However, the police and also the higher caste individuals ar in no mood to permit them to hold the body through the road. however the deflated protagonist and his social group and kin face the frightful state of affairs forms the remainder of the story.

The movie, that looks to own been shot on a shoe-string budget (evident from the documentary form of making), addresses a relevant issue in today’s times, and queries the credibleness of our law and order system. There ar instances wherever we have a tendency to, as viewers, sympathize with the unhappy state of affairs and need for the protagonist to require law into his hands, as within the incalculable films we've seen. however because the title Manusangada suggests, this is often the story of average kinsfolk World Health Organization don't possess super powers, and ar left to face their problems with none hope. The film declares commonality to the sidelined sections of the society and shouts aloud that they're additionally kinsfolk.

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