Monday, October 15, 2018


    Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Manoj (Soham) lives in a very weird family, wherever his musician uncle (Ambarish) feels self-destructive when singing a wrong note, a tutor (Monoj Mitra) United Nations agency forgets all if he sits straight and a father (Rohit Banerjee) United Nations agency can’t keep in mind that category his son studies in right when giving a lecture on memory power. Things begin going topsy-turvy when Boroda Choron (Bratya) is tasked with finding Gobindo Narayan Choudhuri’s (Soumitra Chatterjee) missing son, Kondorpo (Abir).

Review: Too several cooks spoil the broth. And that’s loosely the case with Manojder Adbhut city. such a large amount of characters and their stories are pushed into 2 odd hours that it’s nothing in need of remarkable. As a result, the film, that is nearly a definite screen adaptation of the children’s classic by Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay (who conjointly makes a guest appearance), could be a little bit of a windstorm tour of the phantasy world Manoj and his weird family sleep in. On the brighter aspect, the constant narrative jumps and therefore the inherent crotchet of the characters offer the film a Tarantino-ish feel — connected nevertheless disjointed tracks joining towards a typical climax. It is, however, a decent children’s film — straightforward and innocent — that retains the essence of the first text. Why, even Dakat Sardar’s (Silajit) gang looks to be created of innocent Kali bhakts, United Nations agency derive pleasure a touch of naraboli (human sacrifice) for impact each currently then.

Moreover, a movie with such a stellar solid, comprising principally of powerhouse actors, can’t presumably be destitute of high points. And Manojder Adbhut city has several. From Ganesh’s (Ambarish) obsession with putting the proper note throughout riyaz, ‘goenda’ Boroda Choron’s long-distance calls to Feluda and Byomkeshda, Adyashokti pishi’s obsession with spraying gobor jol and her mastery of the sling, Gobindo Narayan Choudhuri’s trysts with shosha and mosha, Bhojohori kaku’s (Rajatava) searching escapades to Golok sir’s (Monoj) strange posture-memory connect, the film is loaded with humourous and kinky moments — creating it a real person.

Another highlight is, of course, the music. once a movie encompasses a musician-director associate degreed an actor-composer (Silajit, United Nations agency has conjointly scored MAB’s music) you can’t leave while not buzzing a tune. And that’s specifically what happens with this one. I significantly just like the cappella track, Dakat, performed by Rajatava and Abir. It goes very well with its premise.

Overall, Manojder Adbhut city could be a good package for teenagers — associate degree innocent labor loaded with laughs — that you just will undoubtedly watch. simply keep in mind to get pleasure from it sort of a kid can — with none conditions hooked up.

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