Wednesday, October 31, 2018



             If a picture is worth a thousand words, a GIF is perhaps worth a million more. And before I try to put into words the sheer insanity of Nicolas Cage and his latest unhinged performance in Mandy, I'll let this GIF below serve as an illustration.
                Mandy is a singular, immersive medium expertise full of the foremost ultraviolent delights and unreal visuals. Combining Associate in Nursing art house auteur's aesthetic sensibilities with the incendiary whims of a grind house flick, Panos Comatose delivers a glorious psychedelic rock opera of love, loss and bloody revenge. And it pays off as a result of it actually embraces the unfathomable genius of Nicolas Cage.
            The year is 1983. Red Miller (Cage) lives along with his girlfriend Mandy Bloom (Andrea Rise borough) in a very cabin in a very quiet geographical area far-off from society. He is a lumberjack, World Health Organization tells terrible knock-kock jokes, and she is an artist, who works as an attendant at a remote gas station. It feels like each have had to touch upon some trauma within the past however have currently come back to terms with it as they lead a cheerful, secluded life.
              However, their idyll is shattered when, one day, Mandy catches the eye of cult leader Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache) — think Charles Manson meets Buffalo Bill (from The Silence of the Lambs). Determined to recruit her as a slave in his cult kids of the New Dawn, he summons a demonic gang of bikers to secure his desire. But things take a tragic flip with Mandy dead and Red left for dead. Armed with a heavy-duty crossbow and a custom-made battle axe, Red goes on a relentless and gruesome rampage to avenge her death.

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