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Rating : 1.0/5


An unfunny film that solely depends on the crude and vulgar for the jokes.

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Story: A story regarding four bachelors and the way they're going from one mishap to a different as they struggle to create a living in Delhi.

Review: the sole connect between the title and therefore the film is that the indisputable fact that the four bachelors within the film live at Maal Road, in Delhi, that is purportedly a part wherever bachelors keep. the chums within the film Baljit (Rohin Robert), Karan (Atul Srtiva) and Abhijeet (Samarth Shandilya), ar all regular materialistic operating men with unhealthy love lives with the exception of Nitin. His sex activity is rocking given the actual fact that he includes a steady girlfriend Pooja (Sonia Kaur). simply 3 months keep of their wedding, Pooja gets a suggestion to steer the ramp and become a manakin. She takes it on and travels to Bombay that has Karan become nervous. His worst favours ar completed once she chooses to break-up with him once he travels to Bombay and slaps around Pooja’s bosses and acquaintances quite once. 

The fact that it’s a movie supported Delhi, you hope that a minimum of the dialogues are fun and mirror the flavour of the town. What you get instead ar tinny, woman hater and sexist quotes in a very film that's supposedly regarding girls management. The performances ar weak then is that the story. The movie maker isn't certain whether or not he needs the film to be regarding love or regarding the fun and frolic that bachelors enjoys. There are films created on a throw budget that look smart. however Maal Road Dilli fails miserably thereon count, particularly within the scenes wherever Pooja is shown walking a CGI ramp. 

The ultimate result's Associate in Nursing humorless  film that exclusively depends on the crude and vulgar for the jokes.

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