Monday, October 8, 2018

"Lost eighteen Years Of My Life For a criminal offense I failed to Commit": Suhaib Ilyasi

Suhaib Ilyasi, who became a household name as the host of crime show "India's Most Wanted", had appealed against his conviction and imprisonment.

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Suhaib Ilyasi was unfree in December last year once he was guilty by an endeavor court.

NEW DELHI: He hosted Indian televisions initial and preferred crime investigation show "Indias Most Wanted". Suhaib Ilyasi had it all. Then one night he lost it all. His partner died of multiple stab wounds. Suhaib Ilyasi was defendant of murdering her and was sentenced to immurement.
In a surprising turnaround, the Old Delhi judicature earlier in the week declared Suhaib Ilyasi acquitted.

Understandably Suhaib Ilyasi is pinching himself in disbelief.

"I are expression for eighteen years that i'm innocent. currently the honourable court has conjointly aforementioned it. there's no compensation for the time, energy, shallowness and self-assurance, to not mention my career, I've lost in these eighteen years. i'm solely grateful to God and therefore the judiciary for finally basic cognitive process in my innocence," says a discernibly jolted Suhaib Ilyasi.

"It's however to sink in this i am a free man currently, that Tihar Jail is not any longer home, that i'm in my real home with my girl Aaliya, reproval you. I accustomed dream regarding this freedom in jail. I feel this can be a dream," Suhaib Ilyasi's voice quivers with feeling.

What has his life been like throughout these eighteen years? 

"In one word? Hell. solely the thought that i'd in the future be reunited with my girl unbroken ME going. And in fact I gained plenty of strength in jail from reading the Upanishads and therefore the Bhagavad sacred writing. I actually have studied and understood the teachings of those 2 scriptures completely. And currently i would like to form the Upanishads and therefore the sacred writing as accessible to the typical subject of this country as they've become to ME."

Working on reader-friendly translations of the Upanishads and therefore the sacred writing is one in all the comes Suhaib Ilyasi can currently take up. the opposite is that the revival of his show.

He says, "I am aware that several crime inquiring shows have return up within the past years. however i want to revive my show. Earlier it had been inconceivable as a result of from being the person World Health Organization cracked criminal cases from across the country, I became against the law defendant. i would like to restart my show 'India's Most Wanted' to inform the stories of the inmates that I met at Tihar. a number of them have killed multiple times. however their eyes tell a special story. i would like to travel deep into the motivations of crime. The law solely sees things in black and white. There ar numerous gray areas in associate degree act of crime. i would like to revive my show to inform the much stories of these charged with murder."

Suhaib Ilyasi admits the globe has modified throughout the eighteen years he fought to prove his innocence. "I cannot go back to the time I lost. however i would like to utilize each moment i'm left with on this earth to try to to the work that I left incomplete once fate snatched away my freedom. these days i'm free not simply physically however conjointly showing emotion and spiritually, due to the judiciary."