Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Rating: 2.5/5, Bengali

Story: once Alex (Rishav Basu) is dropped at a haunted mansion to sanctify it, he senses one thing quite simply paranormal activities. however can it lead him to deeper discoveries than he ever thought of?

Review: Not everybody has the craving for spirits. And once a movie talks concerning winning ghosts over, it’s naturally uncanny. Kuasha Jakhon tries to raise the mist from the globe of spirits that’s sometimes shrouded in mystery. It makes Associate in Nursing honest effort, includes some effective lighting tricks, chooses Associate in Nursing uncommon color palette and uses the actors well. however it still cannot create the watch snug, all the a lot of once the film starts off hoping that the audience can leave with a smile.

This may be counted as a and for a shuddery film. however Kuasha Jakhon, in its quest to please spirits to humans, aims at a feel-good ending. It’s a so much cry. There ar several contradictions in its thanks to the top too. Alex (Rishav), WHO works with spirits, tries to persuade his consumer (Anindya) that spirits don't seem to be all that unhealthy. It’s the human idea that views them as shuddery ghosts. however every time the characters encounter a ghost, they give the impression of being vengeful.

Scenes wherever Alex prepares to ask them into this world ar visually enticing and can offer you goosebumps. In between all the horror scenes, a fantastically shot sepia-tinted song between Rajeshwari (Gargee) and Surjo (Rishav) can cause you to feel cosy. however at this time, you surprise why Rishav has 2 names? Right then, the film conjointly makes its look for the paranormal a bit a lot of advanced than it already was. transportation within the story of a past era, wherever a despiteful zamindar, Rajshekhar (Shataf), finishes up killing his own folks, drags quite bit, although it's nicely enacted. Gargee, Shataf, Manali, Rishav and Sudeshna add lustre to the drab lifetime of wealthiness. Rishav is a lot of considerable as Surjo than Alex. Shataf doesn’t leave his character even for an instant, a bit like spirits refuse to go away their sublunar bodies. Gargee is mysterious and charming, transportation in an exceedingly superfluity of expressions to assist her essay the role. Manali will a decent job in her restricted screen time.

Cut to the up to date setting, and Anindya and Saon contribute to the acting. The music is soul-touching and also the background score eerie. If you are doing watch the film, don’t miss the primary scene. But sadly, the last shot doesn’t quite work. and also the major loophole is that the half-explanations concerning sensible and unhealthy spirits.

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