Sunday, October 7, 2018


Rating: 3.5/5, Kannada


If you are from North Karnataka, then you will definitely be able to relate to the film.

Kotti Paise revolves round the lives of 3 people that have completely different agendas in life and ar operating along. they're all interconnect by their hunger for cash. The film, that is within the North Karnataka accent, is completely different from usual Kannada films. 

Chetu and his 3 friends ar out of work and loiter around the village. One day, whereas sipping tea at their favorite chai look, they meet a play director, United Nations agency castes them in his play. Yemla is associate recent man United Nations agency takes care of his relative-in-law and grandchildren, as his son is away. Chetu, Master and Yemla all dream of earning cash. 

Chetu falls loving with a woman and desires to marry her, however as a result of he's out of work, the girl's family rejects him. 

Master is foiled because the boys ar unable to perform while not a lead player. 

Yemla is fighting each second of his life to satisfy his granddaughter's would like, till someday his health takes a toll on him. 

This film brings out the fact of the issues that occur during a village, during a easy and comical method. And it's like director Kiran RK very has thought through the script. 

If you're from North Karnataka, then you may positively be able to relate to the film. If not, you may actually have a smile on your face throughout the film. it's an honest film to look at over the weekend.

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