Monday, October 15, 2018


Rating: 3.5/5

Little will get it wrong once Kishore Kumar’s golden songs meet the instance Bangaliana. which is Kishore Kumar Junior (KKJ) in a very shell. Right from the start, the film is replete with the legend’s hit numbers and so fancy with Bengali’s natural love for journey, food and comedy. With its recent melodies and retro touches, KKJ evokes a definite quantity of longing and therefore, it will o.k. be a Puja watch.
Undoubtedly, Kishore’s songs represent the soul and substance of the film. however the plot — although shoddy from time to time — manages to carry the audience. it's a high-octane begin. Kishore Kumar Junior, aka Rajat Ghosh (Prosenjit Chatterjee), Associate in Nursing vastly fashionable version creative person or Kishore konthi, is Associate in Nursing alcoholic. He travels the nooks and corners of geographic region for macha shows and loses all his saneness and civility once gulping premix alcohol on the go. although sick, Rita (Aparajita Adhya), his wife, somehow manages to regulate together with his boozy hostility. His son Rishi (Rwitobroto Mukherjee), however, detests his father’s offensive behaviour.
Amidst this father and son battle, Kishore Kumar Junior has been commissioned to perform {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} series of cultural meets geared toward building an surroundings of Indo-Pak amity at the bordering villages of Rajasthan. He goes there together with his team of musicians and better half. however all of them square measure taken to surety by a bunch of terrorists from Jaisalmer landing field. The story unveils the modification in dynamics between the hostages and also the abductors.
The story progresses at a rather slow pace. the matter with Kaushik Ganguly is he touches fascinating problems however generally lacks the inclination to follow it up. during this film, problems like communal divide, powerful lifetime of macha singers, border problems and also the psyche of a terrorist were raised and born while not being given the due treatment. Fatigue develops because of its length too. as an example, Kishore Kumar Junior and his wife’s effort to woo the terrorist takes loads of screen time. although the collective acting impresses and occasional humour within the method catches our attention, the exercise seems to be obligatory.
The overall acting is spectacular. With blingy jackets, gold chains and white shoes, we have a tendency to get to check Prosenjit in his pre-millennium avatar. As a star Kishore konthi, he enjoys his fame and nonetheless he is aware of that he lacks originality. he's composed nonetheless vulnerable from time to time, and also the actor defines his character spotlessly. Aparajita too leaves no stone unturned  to portray her character. She is spontaneous as ever and carries on with the character seamlessly. Rwitobroto as Rishi, on the opposite hand, is marvellous. This budding actor another time proves that he's here to remain. he's sensible, apt and most significantly, he looks to grasp wherever to prevent. Contrary to the overall high-octane mood of the film, this young actor does not go overboard together with his acting. Masood Akhter as Toufiq, the leader of the abductors, and Rajesh Sharma as Firoz, Associate in Nursing emotional, Kishore-lover member of the gang, are fascinating. The steady performance of Lama Halder as KKJ’s chief assistant is additionally price a mention.
Overall, KKJ is Associate in Nursing emotional adventure story of a version singer — a tribe that's attenuation into oblivion. it's a sentimental journey. Watch it along with your family this Puja for a few dose of comedy.

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