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Rating: 4.0/5


'Kayamkulam Kochunni' has what it takes to bring alive all those visuals you had in mind, when you heard or read the story wonderstruck as a little kid.

Kayamkulam Kochunni Story: Kochunni leaves his destitute home throughout childhood to guide a lifetime of dignity. however the native chiefs, the social order and his own destiny compel him to try and do what he's far-famed for best - a heroic outlaw and Kerala's Robinhood

Kayamkulam Kochunni Review: Riding on monumental expectations and promotional material, Kayamkulam Kochunni has landed amidst viewers United Nations agency have full-grown up hearing tales regarding him at hour and looking at series regarding him. This time, the manufacturers could not afford to compromise on the analysis or execution, with the sort of scale and star solid with that his life history was tried to be narrated on the large screen. As you permit the motion picture hall once the two hour fifty minute long film, you cannot however credit the creators of Kochunni, for creating a motion picture within which the content and presentation are fantastically married to every different.

Rosshan Andrrews' Kayamkulam Kochunni narrates the highwayman's tale right from his childhood. It shows what pushed a father and his son into thieving, the casteist social order of the day and the way Kochunni’s mind was assault serving to the poor. The film additionally touches on however his several aides later betrayed him and the way he managed to ride into our legends and hearts, generation once generation.

The makers have given the disclaimer that the film is fictional and have clearly taken some inventive liberties regarding the story, that keeps you on the sting of the seat in each scene. although the core story are a few things most Malayalis grasp, what makes the film participating is however the assorted sequences of events get unravelled at a good pace. It drops at sure junctures of the story, however solely to relinquish the viewers that final vasoconstrictor rush towards the top with some high-octane action. Mohanlal's Ithikkara Pakki makes associate entry at the correct time and peppers the film with the correct quantity of pleasure. Gopi Sunder's rousing music adds magic to every of the frames. The action sequences do justice to the genre and there ar enough moments for viewers to be pleased, gasped in disbelief.

Nivin Pauly impresses by living the character effortlessly, each because the young, innocent braveheart and also the animal-like route man. The role of the villain Keshavakurup was safe with Sunny Wayne, United Nations agency vie it with the correct quantity of maturity. man full general as Thangal and Priya Anand as Janaki have additionally vie their roles well. The transient dance sequence that Mohanlal's character will midway through the story ar uncalled for, though, and adds no zing to the story aside from is also a spherical of claps from his traditionalist fans.

You might have detected this story n variety of times, however it's price some time and cash, all over. The film has what it takes to bring alive all those visuals you had in mind, once you detected or browse the story wonderstruck as a touch child.

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