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Story: Pakistani monetary unit is associate degree idealistic wise senior gentleman in an exceedingly Vidarbha village UN agency passes away throughout his daily wash within the open. The chaos that follows his death is that the central theme of the moving picture.

Review: Last year, the moving picture Toilet: Ek Prem Katha restricted the difficulty of open voiding in India’s villages. This moving picture may be a satiric combat a similar issue. Except this one has slipped on the execution level.

Anna is associate degree idealistic man, expecting his village to form progress. at the side of his supporter, the village letter carrier Dattu (Sanjay Khapre), he perpetually tries to convert villagers to try to to what’s right within the corrupt form of government. However, his adamant nature causes the village to lose out on the advantages of the many government schemes. On the opposite hand, Dukre-Patil (Nagesh Bhosale) UN agency keeps promising the villagers development of their village feels Pakistani monetary unit may be a deterrent to his political ambitions moreover because the progress of their village. However, even when securing MLA’s seat when Anna’s ending, his guarantees stay unrealised.

Alongside this main story, the director Sandeep Naware has tried to club the story of a young man (Sagar Karande) needing to marry, however unable to search out a bride for a protracted time. however within the quest, has over with 2 disjointed plots.

Although the moving picture aims to be a wit, the over the highest and frequent bathroom humor has done nothing to elevate the comic quotient of the film. Besides, the complex storylines cause you to lose the plot. Even on the acting front, none of the actors have given associate degree persistent performance.

Satires typically roleplay things in an exceedingly bid to enlarge the difficulty. however at a similar time, these things keep relatable. Jhangadgutta has didn't strike this balance. Moreover, notwithstanding the moving picture is simply 2 odd hours, it looks slow paced since several sequences area unit given longer than they be. You won’t miss abundant if you skip this one.

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